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Side Sewer

I bought a home in Tacoma 3+ years ago and knew from the inspection that the side sewer, made of orangeburg pipe was in bad shape and would need to be replaced in the coming years. In the years since I noticed many of my neighbors with the same problem paying to have their front yard dug up and in some cases the street. In each case I stopped to talk to the home owner about what was going on and learned only one thing for certain. It was a very expensive repair. But each had a different story about what they were told had to be done and the prices varied wildly.
Anyway I knew the problem was hiding underground and would surface soon enough. So when the drains backed up I started calling around to get some estimates and it was just as I expected. The scope of work required to fix the problem varied as well as the price. One guy looked at it and opened up a brochure with pictures boxes and pointed to one of the more expensive options like I was ordering off the kids menu. Finally Robert from R&D came out and looked at the job and offered a price considerably less then anyone before him. It made me a little nervous but he seemed honest so I gave him the job. They got the necessary permits and showed up on time, finishing the same day. That included coordinating with the city to inspect the work and repave the street. I feel like I got quality work done at a fair price and would recommend R&D Construction for your project. By the way I spoke with 3 different people who worked for the City of Tacoma Sewer Dept and each said the same thing. Robert’s one of the best!